Who fixes the streetlights in our community?

Unfortunately, there is not a simple answer to that question, because “It depends.” Three different areas of our community are served by different electric companies (GCEC, CoServ and Oncor). Over time, the development of the City has experienced streetlight installations by all three, of which only Oncor and CoServ now fix lights.

In addition, there are some street lights that the City of Allen has installed ourselves and maintain ourselves. Of those we installed, for uniformity of appearance and efficiency in maintenance, the City of Allen uses only a few “City standard” poles and light fixtures (e.g. square poles with square heads). This reduces the number of poles and fixtures we need to stock and simplifies maintenance costs over time for the entire community.

The majority of streetlights were installed by the developer of the neighborhood, before homes were built. City standard poles and lights were customary in the past and the City accepted maintenance of those poles and fixtures when the homes were built. However, in recent years (approximately since 2011), developers opted for more decorative lights of various brands and styles. Since those lights do not match the “City standard,” the City of Allen will only perform routine or customary maintenance limited to wiring repair, photocell replacement, or ballast/lamp replacement (note: for older high pressure sodium or metal halide lamps only, not LED).

In the event of more complicated repairs, aesthetic/cosmetic improvement (i.e. painting) or outright replacement (i.e. from a ‘knock down’), repairs are the responsibility of the homeowners association. In those instances, the Engineering Department will often assist the HOA in getting a quote from our City-contracted electrician for services that the HOA desires, but the HOA has the option to shop around and hire a qualified electrician of their choosing, since the HOA is ultimately responsible for the cost. As a last resort, in the case of HOA refusal, the City always has the option to remove the non-conforming light and replace the malfunctioning light with a City standard (square pole/fixture).

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