What happens if I experience a plumbing issue after my smart meter is installed?

All installers are trained on steps to prevent negative impact to customers’ plumbing, and reports of problems are very rare. Some customers may notice a small amount of remaining air or debris in the line following installation. This water is still safe to drink. To remove remaining air or debris, run cold water in a bathtub (preferred) or outdoor spigot for 3-5 minutes.

If customers encounter any other issues immediately after their smart meter installation, it is important to contact Pedal Valves, Inc. (the City's contracted installer) at 214.432.7288 so they can investigate and determine appropriate cause and resolution. If customers still have concerns, they should contact the City of Allen at 214.509.4560 or email coautilities@cityofallen.org. For weekend or after-hours emergencies, customers can always call the City of Allen's 24-hour water emergency hotline at 214.509.4530.

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