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Multi-Family Inspection Program

The purpose of the Multi-Family Inspection Program is to safeguard the life, health, safety, welfare, and property of the occupants of multi-family dwelling complexes and the public, by developing a process to enforce city building code standards and city property maintenance codes; and to provide equitable and practical remedies for the violation of city building code standards and city property maintenance codes.

The Code Compliance Division is committed to maintaining a vibrant community through active participation and engagement of Allen residents. To ensure compliance with City Codes, Zoning Ordinances, and other applicable property maintenance codes, Code Compliance Staff regularly inspect Allen's multi-family communities to encourage, assist, and facilitate residents and multi-family properties in maintaining their property and fulfilling city code requirements.

Report a property maintenance concern

  • Submit a report using MyAllen. No account is required for reporting Property Maintenance concerns. You also can download the app for iOS or Google devices.
  • Email Code Compliance or call 214.509.4180