Dave Shafer

Councilmember Place No. 5 (Term 2021-2024)

Councilmember Dave Shafer believes City leadership is the foundation on which we build our communities. He seeks to serve solely at the will and discretion of Allen residents.  As founder and sole owner of the private investigations firm Preferred Intelligence, Dave understands the importance of small business, especially for a city such as Allen.

An Allen resident for over 20 years, Dave takes pride in the safety and small-town feel of the city as well as Allen’s excellent school system. Dave wants Allen to remain “large enough for people to gain new friends, but small enough to still run into old friends and be on a first name basis with city leaders."


Appointed by Mayor unless otherwise noted

  • Animal Shelter Advisory Committee - Council Liaison
  • Keep Allen Beautiful - Council Liaison
  • Library Board - Council Liaison
Professional photo of Dave Shafer

Contact Dave Shafer

Phone: 214.509.4125
Fax: 214.509.4118