Municipal Court

The Allen Municipal Court has jurisdiction over all fine-only offenses that have been committed within the Allen city limits. These offenses include Class C misdemeanors, traffic offenses and city ordinance violations. The court collects fines, conducts trials by jury and judge and issues warrants of arrest. The municipal judge arraigns prisoners arrested within the city limits in all types of felony and misdemeanor violations and performs other magistrate duties.

Temporary Court Closure: November 29-December 4

Allen Municipal Court will be temporarily closed to the public while transitioning to new software.

Municipal Court offices will close at 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 29. Online payments will resume on Monday, Dec. 4. Court offices will reopen at 9:30 a.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 5. No court dates or payment deadlines are scheduled during the closure. Payments submitted by mail or in the curbside drop box will be accepted, though processing delays may occur.

Municipal Court staff will have limited access to phones or email during this transition and training period. To leave a message for court staff, call 214.509.4380.


Individuals receiving citations must respond to the court within 20 working days from the issuing date of the violation. Please allow three business days for the court to receive a case. Appearance can be by counsel, mail or by the person to whom the citation was issued. Payments can be made online, at the Municipal Court Clerk’s window, or a 24-hour drop box is located in front of the City Hall building in the median where the flag poles are located. The drop box has "court payments" written on the outside of it. There is a 3% processing fee added to the total amount when paid with a credit card.

Allen Municipal Court now offers online payment for citations through a third party vendor. If this option is unavailable, contact Municipal Court at 214.509.4380.

By paying your ticket online, you are entering a no contest (Nolo Contendre) plea and waving your rights to a jury trial. Your violation will be recorded as a conviction and reported to the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Warrant Information

If your citation is in warrant status, you must pay the full amount of the warrant either online, at the Municipal Court Clerk’s window, or by dropping a money order in the 24-hour drop box located in front of the City Hall building in the median where the flag poles are located. Warrants are not cleared until the full payment is received. Personal checks will not be accepted for payment of a warrant. There is a 3% processing fee added to the total amount when paid with a credit card.

Court Dates

Court dates can be scheduled in person at the Municipal Court window or by mail. A mailed request must include the following: name, mailing address, ticket number and a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Court dates are not scheduled by phone. To reschedule a missed court date, the judge may require a cash bond to be posted.

Please note: Hats, caps, shorts, cutoffs, T-shirts and tank tops are not permitted in the courtroom. Also, all cell phones and pagers must be turned off during court proceedings.

Plea Information

A person has three options when charged with an act. These include:
  • No contest (nolo contender), which means you do not contest or dispute the charges filed against you
  • Guilty, which means that you admit to the act for which you are charged
  • Not guilty, which means you deny guilt or that you have a good defense related to the charge
Please review additional information about these pleas and the legal implications related to each plea.

Court-Ordered Community Work

The Allen Parks and Recreation Department offers community work through trash removal from parks and public facilities. No appointment is necessary. Go to the Court-Ordered Community Service entrance at the Service Center 30 minutes prior to the shifts at 6:30 a.m. or 3 p.m., seven days a week. Work is canceled if it is raining. The Service Center is located at 900 South Greenville Avenue.

Download the court-ordered community work information sheet for more information.